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TCM Student Dormitoryfor women

A new student dormitory for women opened on the Ikebukuro campus in April 2022.
The new student dormitory is a five-story building with 124 private rooms, all equipped with Wi-Fi and full security. By building the student dormitory on campus, we have brought studying and living closer to each other, thus creating a safer and more secure environment for our students.

Outline of TCM Student Dormitoryfor women

Eligibility for admission

  • Must be an undergraduate student of Tokyo College of Music.
  • Must be a student whose home is too far away to commute to the dormitory (commuting time to school must be 3 hours or more).
  • Must be in good health.
  • Must be able to abide by the rules and regulations of the dormitory.
  • Must be able to live in the dormitory in a co-operative manner with other students.

Maximum number of students

124(single rooms)


Two meals a day (including weekdays, Sundays and public holidays) at the Ikebukuro Campus Building A cafeteria.

Meals may not be provided during long holidays.

Practice environment

There are no practice rooms in the dormitory.
Dormitory students must practice on campus.

Entrance feeAcademic Year 2022

Breakdown of dormitory fees

Tokyo College of Music Partner Dormitoriesmen’s/women’s

Various types of student dormitories with easy access to each campus are introduced by our partner company in charge of the management of TCM Student Dormitory.

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