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Music Liberal-Arts


The main features

  • High-quality lessons
  • Ensemble classes
  • Student support through graduation
  • Academic advisors
  • Career options
  • Acquisition of practical English skills
  • Small group settings
  • Liberal Arts subjects taught in English

Music and Intelligence – Learning Together

PresidentApr.2011-May.2022Minoru Nojima

Because you cannot hold it in your hand, Music is the most abstract of all forms of art. It is an art form that encompasses a wide range of knowledge and skill in the richest sense. To study Music is a continuous journey of attempting to gain insights into human beings, society and nature, while discovering hidden truths along the way.
After being trained in this manner, a number of excellent musicians have “flown the nest” off from the campuses of Tokyo College of Music. At the same time, an increasing number of graduates are finding employment in the corporate world, an enhancing trend in recent years. Some of them become professional musicians, while others choose to dive into the world of business with a background in music as their “cultural accomplishment.” It is the policy of Tokyo College of Music to offer our students a sufficient education which will enable them to acquire the ability to go into the field of their choice and be active in those fields. In order to press this policy forward, we started offering a new curriculum for the MUSIC-LIBERAL ARTS major in April 2017 and merged “music, language and education.” If you want to follow your passion for music but venture into a new world, accepting our invitation in this new major at Tokyo College of Music may be a perfect option for you.


UK. one credit = 10hours (total hours of studies in & outside of class)
Japan one credit = 45 hours(total hours of studies in & outside of class)